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Why is SEO Important in Seattle?

While search engine optimization has been proven to produce some of the best ROI on marketing dollars spent for business owners nationwide, Seattle business owners have found SEO to be especially helpful in promoting their businesses.

So why Seattle? To begin with, Seattle is one of the technology hubs in the nation. Technology companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and RealNetworks are all located in Seattle. Everywhere you walk in Seattle, you can find a Starbucks or Tully’s coffee shop with Wi-Fi Internet access. Imagine being on a plane and having just landed in Hawaii. If you look around the plane, chances are the passengers are wearing vacation clothes, shorts, and Hawaiian shirts. If your plane has just landed in Seattle and you look around, chances are people are checking appointments on their laptops and talking on their iPhones.

Aside from the fact that many technology businesses are located in Seattle, the consumer mentality in Seattle is also technologically focused. Most consumers in Seattle have access to the Internet, and 97% of them shop or research products and services online. While some people still open up the Yellow Pages to look for a local plumber or doctor, most people in Seattle these days simply type “Seattle plumber” or “Seattle eye doctor” into Google. If your business services clientele in Seattle, it is especially important to include SEO in your marketing strategy. When a customer in Seattle is searching for a product or service on Google, you want to be one of the top results to pop up. Implementing search engine optimization is one of the smartest things Seattle business owners can do.

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