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Car Rental Company
Rental car wholesaler was founded in 2005 with a net revenue in the $30k/yr range. The initial online strategy utilized banner advertising and Pay Per Clicks. We were contracted to develop and execute an organic optimization campaign. The website currently ranks in the top 3 range for “Hawaii Car Rentals” and “Florida Car Rentals” and averages around $400k/yr in revenue for the business owner.

Marketing and Advertising Support Company
The company competes in a highly competitive industry that generates around $18 billion per year on the whole. Our organic optimization campaign has seen the website gain authority status, improved qualified leads and an increase in brand awareness.
Our client currently ranks in the top 3 positions for “Promotional Products”, “Promotional Gifts” and more. This eliminated the need for Pay Per Clicks and has reduced operating costs and expenses by over $150k/yr.

Online Medical Company
The website specializes in delivering medical consultations online. The website currently ranks in the top 3 range for high traffic keywords such as “Online Doctor” and “Online Medical Prescriptions”. The online clinic currently averages over a hundred consultations per month and generates a decent passive income for the business owner.

Localized Auto Repair Shop
Certain online businesses are localized by territory and geography. By optimizing for a generic keyword together with a location, you are setting your business to be the market leader in your community. While the traffic volume may be on the lower side, it is highly relevant and your visitors are ready to buy. Our case study showcases an automotive repair shop in Washington State. By being in the #1 position for “Redmond Car Repairs”, WordApe has helped the company increase it's brand exposure and overall sales from $400k/yr to nearly $2 million/yr.

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