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What are the Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic

There are many different methods of increasing traffic to your website that can be either paid or free. The easiest way to build traffic is through paid traffic services. There are many different avenues to take when purchasing traffic for a website. Other more cost effective ways to increase traffic to a website is to optimize the website for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The website should be optimized for the search engines regardless if the strategy is for paid search or just for building rankings in the search engines.

Paid traffic can be purchased from many different sources including directly from the search engines. If your website is not ranking in the search engines or is a new site that hasn’t been indexed yet, paid search is a good option to look into as there will be traffic directly related to what people are searching for. Depending of what the website is promoting or what kind of business is being offered there are a couple different methods of purchasing traffic from the search engines. Here are some ways to increase traffic through paid views:

Pay per Click
Pay per click is a popular method where you are charged for each click, which is a good method to use if there is a product or service that is being sold. When creating ads for pay per click the best results come from testing different ads and other demographics to see what the best response and results come from. Being able to track the sources of traffic is key to success, which there is several free software packages to utilize.

Pay per Impression
The alternative to pay per click is paying per impressions. By paying for impressions you build a name in the industry you are targeting as you pay per the number of times your ad or link shows up when something is being searched. Paying per impressions is a lot cheaper but doesn’t always drive traffic to your site making this option more used for building a name or a brand. Media buys are also good ways to purchase traffic such as banners or other creative’s on other websites. Email marketing is also a good method on increasing website traffic.

Email List Purchase
Purchasing an email list is a good way to target a particular niche but when looking for quality list that will generate good leads the source of the list is sometimes a good indicator of the results you may see. New avenues of purchasing traffic are through social media. Facebook being the one with the most traffic along with Twitter and Myspace are good ways on targeting specific demographics when driving traffic to a website. Facebook is a great way to advertise and build new traffic as the second most visited site on the web. Results are often quick and the quality of the traffic is high as there are many options when selecting demographics and other interest of potential visitors.

The Alternative to Paying for Traffic
Organic traffic is the best traffic is the best type of traffic to have because it doesn’t cost anything but at the same time it is the hardest type of traffic to come by. Once your site has been established with the search engines your site will begin to rank and rise on the rankings, as there is more content along with the relevance to what is being searched. Building back links is a great way to be higher in the search engines such as swapping links with other websites to help each other rank higher.

Search engines are becoming smarter and smarter each day to filter out thin sites that do not offer real quality content for their users. By continually adding and updating content on a website, sites like Google and Yahoo, will continue to keep the site high in rankings. Another way to build links quickly is to promote your site with a Facebook page, Twitter updates, or other social media as links get replicated and passed around very quickly.

Social media sites already rank very highly in the search engines and when your website link is in there it will also show search engines that you have a quality website to offer to users. Once your site is ranking well in the search engines and organic traffic is coming to the website, you can build followers to the website where they revisit the site for updates or new products that are offered. Followers are the best way to build a business around a website. Followers to a website will ensure long and continued growth and stability with future sources of revenue.

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